First Look: SpongeBob CGI Superhero Feature ‘Sponge Out of Water’

Sponge Out of Water begins in the traditional animation world, but midway through the film, switches to a CG world, where the main characters become an “Avengers-type team” who have to save Bikini Bottom from Antonio Banderas, who voices a pirate: SpongeBob transforms into the Invincibubble, Patrick Star is Mr. Superawesomeness, Squidward Tentacles becomes Sour Note and Mr. Krabs is Sir Pinch-A-Lot.






people who actually get angry or annoyed at ‘tumblr art styles’ is so laughable and pathetic to me lmfao god forbid people enjoy something and want to implement that kind of look into their own art.

all you sound like is some boring old geezer getting mad at all the young people for liking things that are new and a lot more interesting than you

I’m still kind of very confused as to how a whole website can HAVE an art style lmao but maybe that’s just me.

you think this shit is a joke until you see people getting legitimately fired up over people who color noses red

  #honestly